What Probiotics Do For You

Probiotics like those in Delpro® live in our intestines and have many functions including controlling harmful microorganisms. Probiotics have been linked to everything from promoting strong intestinal health and warding off viral infections to lowering chholesterol. Research has also shown their effectiveness in fighting fibromyalgia, eczema and chronic fatigue syndrome.

It is recommended that people take a minimum of one to two billion cfu’s of probiotics per day. As we grow older, probiotics like those in Delpro become even more important as both immune function and the number of probiotics in the intestines decrease.

However, Western civilization as a whole is seeing more gut-related health problems at any age. One major difference is that the natural fermentation and drying of foods used by our ancestors ensured they consumed several thousand times more friendly bacteria than we do today. Also, high protein diets can contribute to a buildup of the potentially harmful bacteria killed by probiotics6.

The Oxford University Press has recognized the importance of probiotics like those in Delpro in the fight against chronic diseases. “It is in the realm of chronic diseases that modern medicine and drugs have been more disappointing and that natural health products have elicited resurgent interest.”
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