Your body’s best defense is your own immune system.

Lingering Cough? Get Rid of It, Naturally

We’ve all been there…you just got over a cold. However the annoying lingering cough after cold remains. The good news is, your body’s own immune system may be the key to ending that lingering cough. And Del-Immune V®, an immune supplement for immediate immune support and better respiratory health, could be the natural cough remedy […]

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Vacation Days are Here, but it’s Always Flu Season at 30,000 Feet

While most of us have made it through the worst of the seasonal bugs, it’s important to remember that aircraft cabins are year-round virus incubators. A 2006 study at Children’s Hospital in Boston, Mass. confirmed that, like us, a microbe’s favored mode of travel is airplanes. Likewise, trains, buses, taxis and rental cars can be […]

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