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The Top 50 Healthy Living Blogs: Post, Articles and The Best Online Resources to Help You Live Healthier and Happier

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Getting healthy is a lifestyle change, not a one-size-fits-all solution. Total wellness involves getting enough exercise, ample sleep, reducing stress, eating right and more. Whether you’re looking to make an overnight, complete change or gradually develop positive habits, advice from experts is always helpful.

Here are 50 healthy lifestyle blogs you should be reading to aid your commitment to health and wellness. Some lean more toward fitness, others food, and still others have a h lifestyle and motivational angle. Whatever your mojo, there are blogs here to perfectly suit your personality and style preferences, along with a multitude of leading expert opinions and advice on many popular diet methodologies.

Finally, please note that this list is in no particular order.

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Top Healthy Living Blogs


Our List of the Best Healthy Living Blogs


1. Healthy Tipping Point


Caitlin Boyle’s Healthy Tipping Point blog is jam-packed with advice on everything from work/life balance to fitness tips and healthy recipes.

Three posts we like from Healthy Tipping Point:



Blogilates is, as its name suggests, a blog about pilates. But it’s much more than that, with meal plans, workout calendars, free workout videos, and lots of motivation from Casey Ho, a certified fitness instructor and the creator of POP Pilates.

Three posts we like from Blogilates:

3. Fitting It All In


“Keeping busy, staying healthy,” is the motto of Fitting It All In blogger Clare Brady. Brady shares her secrets for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while packing in all the day-to-day activities that prevent many from eating right and staying fit. A future doctor, Brady talks about fitness and nutrition, as well as eating disorders, mental health and body image.

Three posts we like from Fitting It All In:



Carla Birnberg blogs at MizFitOnline, which she launched in 2007 to share her passion with fitness and health with the world. A blogger since 2001, Carla has been recognized by a variety of leading women’s health and lifestyle publications, including Women’s Day, Shape Magazine and Fitness Magazine, as well as prestigious business publications like the Wall Street Journal and

Three posts we like from MizFitOnline:

5. Run to the Finish


Amanda Brooks is a marathon runner and journalist who found a niche for keeping herself accountable while sharing her motivational and success secrets with the world. While Brooks started out with her first marathon in her junior year of college, she now runs the gamut from kick-boxing to kayaking and meditation to healthy cooking.

Three posts we like from Run to the Finish:

6. Sarah Fit


Sarah Fit aims to “enable your passion for healthy living.” A professional trainer and fitness junkie, Sarah blogs on everything from the gluten-free diet to fitness strategies, recipes for healthy eating, product reviews and more.

Three posts we like from Sarah Fit:

7. Fit Bottomed Girls


Fit Bottomed Girls, launched in 2008, posts multiple times each week with tips on fitness and sensible eating. The blog includes reviews of workout DVDs, food tips and other advice designed to take the guesswork out of getting healthy—in line with their belief that wellness is attainable for everyone. You’ll also find a slew of fitness tools, like a BMI calculator, ideal weight and nutritional needs calculators, calorie burn estimates by activity, and other useful goodies.

Three posts we like from Fit Bottomed Girls:

8. FitFluential


FitFluential isn’t just your average blog. It’s a nationwide community of leading fitness experts and enthusiasts, gathering in one convenient blog to share their top workout tips, weight loss secrets, and motivational tidbits. FitFluential was founded by Kelly Olexa in 2008. Between Motivational Mondays, Ambassador Spotlights and FitFluential Transformations, you’ll find plenty of motivation here to become your own best, healthiest self.

Posts we like from FitFluential:

9. Food Politics


Marion Nestle, who is actually Paulette Goddard, Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University, blogs at Food Politics. Goddard chaired the department for more than a decade, between 1988 and 2003. Today, she shares her expertise on all things food and nutrition at Food Politics.

Three posts we like from Food Politics:


11. Q by Equinox


Q is an editorial site by Equinox aiming to “change the conversation on fitness and wellness.” With a variety of contributors with professional credentials, Q by Equinox is a valuable site for obtaining leading expertise in the fitness sphere.

Three posts we like from Q by Equinox:

13. Nerd Fitness


“Level up your life, every single day,” is the motivational motto at Nerd Fitness, where Steve Kamb serves as the “rebel leader.” Steve shares personal stories from average joes who overcome the odds and achieve their goals, effectively demonstrating that anyone can do it.

Three posts we like from Nerd Fitness:

14. Choosing Raw


Gena, a pre-med, post-bacc student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., former book editor, and certified clinical nutritionist (C.C.N.), spends her free time creating healthy recipes and blogging about living a healthy lifestyle. Her work has been published in a variety of publications both in print and online, but you can find an abundance of valuable information right at her own blog, Choosing Raw.

Three posts we like from Choosing Raw:

15. Robb Wolf


Robb Wolf is an advocate for the Paleo Diet, a former research chemist and author of The Paleo Solution – The Original Human Diet. He also conducts seminars and shares his expertise with hundreds of thousands of people through podcasts, as well as his blog. In addition to Wolf, other regular contributors also weigh in with expertise.

Three posts we like from Robb Wolf:

16. Carrots ‘n’ Cake


Carrots ‘n’ Cake is run by 33-year-old Tina, a healthy eating and lifestyle enthusiast who has a published book and a few different professional training certifications under her belt. She’s an outdoors and fitness lover, and managing Carrots ‘n’ Cake is her full-time job along with contributing to, working with Reebok and FitFluential, and a few other projects.

Three posts we like from Carrots ‘n’ Cake:

17. The Fitnessista


The Fitnessista offers healthy eating tips and recipes, along with quick workouts for busy people who want to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Run by Gina, a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Three posts we like from The Fitnessista:

18. The Lean Green Bean


Lindsay, a registered dietician, healthy living blogger, and freelance writer, shares healthy recipes, nutrition tips, workouts and more at The Lean Green Bean.

Three posts we like from The Lean Green Bean:

19. Chef Katelyn


Katelyn Block is a student at Syracuse University, Cross Fit enthusiast and lover of all things health and wellness. She’s not actually a professional chef, although you’d never know it with the abundance of delicious-yet-healthy recipes she shares on her blog.

Three posts we like from Chef Katelyn:


20. Run Eat Repeat


Run Eat Repeat is a five-year-old blog run by Monica, a Southern Californian obsessed with healthy food and fitness. Monica uses “intuitive eating” to lose weight and keep it off, sharing her tips for effective weight loss with the world.

Three posts we like from Run Eat Repeat:

21. Healthful Pursuit


Leanne Vogel is a holistic nutritionist who was forced into her dietary habits by serious food allergies. Instead of stressing over it, she’s embraced it, finding unique and innovative ways to work around her various dietary restrictions while still maintaining healthy eating habits—and making delicious food.

Posts we like from Healthful Pursuit:

22. Peanut Butter Fingers


Peanut Butter Fingers was born in September 2009 to blogger, freelance writer, group exercise instructor and personal trainer Julie Fagan. Fagan shares her secrets for health and wellness, recipes, fitness tips and random musings.

Three posts we like from Peanut Butter Fingers:

24. HuffPost Healthy Living


The Huffington Post’s Healthy Living section covers everything from ergonomics to mainstream health news and advice, along with recipes, wellness, and mental health tips.

Three posts we like from HuffPost Healthy Living:

25. Back at Square Zero


Back at Square Zero chronicles teacher and blogger Abby’s struggles as she makes her way from average living to complete healthy lifestyle. Abby keeps it real with down-to-earth posts about what it’s really like—both pros and cons—to navigate your way from average to fit and healthy. She blogs about running, training, general fitness, and healthy eating tips and recipes.

Three posts we like from Back at Square Zero:

26. Better with Veggies


Better with Veggies is about “Adventures in Food, Fitness and Life.” Heather, an athlete, coach, and veggie-lover, talks about the evolution of her personal diet—from full vegetarian to incorporating fish and seafood, along with limited dairy products. Throughout her journey, she blogs her trials and tribulations, sharing what she’s learned, useful tips, and valuable resources for fellow veggie-lovers.

Three posts we like from Better with Veggies:

28. The Daily Balance


The Daily Balance is “helping others find balance, one day at a time.” The blog covers motivation, motherhood, product reviews, healthy eating tips and recipes, exercise and more, all while helping you discover balance in the midst of the chaos we call life.

Three posts we like from The Daily Balance:

29. Dietician on the Run


Dietician on the Run blogger Heather is a registered dietician, marathoner, yoga lover, and kitchen experimenter who now lives in Washington, D.C. but is originally from the Southwest. With a B.S. in Nutrition from Penn State University, Heather shares her valuable expertise on incorporating a healthy diet and fitness into your daily lifestyle.

Three posts we like from Dietician on the Run:


31. Eat Simple Love Yoga


Eat Simple Love Yoga blogger Meg keeps herself busy with a variety of projects—she’s a Nutrition and Public Health Graduate Student, Yoga Instructor, Corporate Wellness Consultant, and Freelance Writer/Designer. Her goal is to help others take charge of their own health and wellness.

Two posts we like from Eat Simple Love Yoga:

32. Edible Perspective


Ashley McLaughlin shares her “Edible Perspective” with fellow healthy-eating enthusiasts and those who want to incorporate simple changes to improve their dietary habits. Edible Perspective was created back in October 2009, and it’s going h with plenty of useful advice for health-food junkies and novices.

Posts we like from Edible Perspective:

33. Best Body Fitness


Tina Reale is a personal trainer, fitness aficionado, runner, wife, mother, and more—and she balances it all with perfection, all while using her expertise to help others accomplish the same through her blog, Best Body Fitness.

Three posts we like from Best Body Fitness:

34. Family Fitness Food

Carrie, a married mother of two based in Southern California, blogs about—you guessed it—family, fitness and food. At age 37, Carrie had a wellness epiphany and decided to make some drastic changes. After losing 40 pounds in 9 months, Carrie’s always on the search for ways to improve her lifestyle, and she shares what she learns, as she goes along her personal journey.

Three posts we like from Family Fitness Food:

35. Fighting for Wellness


Becki, a Boston transplant in her 20’s, didn’t run her first mile until 2010. In the short few years since, she’s become a total fitness and wellness junkie, learning everything she can about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Becki has lost an astonishing 80 to 90 pounds since college and is now 100 percent dedicated to healthy living.

Three posts we like from Fighting for Wellness:

36. Healthy Hits the Spot


Paige, author of Healthy Hits the Spot, is dedicated to demonstrating to the world that eating right can actually taste great, too. She’s a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, so she has credentials to back up her claims—and her personal story is incredibly inspiring.

Three posts we like from Healthy Hits the Spot:

37. Health on the Run


The motto at Health on the Run is “Life is Better…On the Run.” Started in 2010, Life on the Run is chock-full of tips on running marathons, food, health news, vegetarian living and more.

Three posts we like from Health on the Run:

38. Lisa Johnson Fitness


Lisa Johnson points out that you have only one body—so you need to treat it right. Lisa has released two fitness DVDs, and she runs an award-winning Pilates studio. Her specialty is translating complex fitness concepts into easy-to-understand language that makes sense even for newbies.

Three posts we like from Lisa Johnson Fitness:

39. Live for the Run


Nichole is a running enthusiast from Atlanta. Her husband is a personal trainer and nutritionist who is helping her break her 20-plus years of bad habits. She chronicles her journey at Live for the Run. Her philosophy consists of five main points: Balance, Focus, Discipline, Want and Good Humor.

Three posts we like from Live for the Run:


41. Carl Daikeler


Carl Daikeler is the creator of—which includes well-known programs like P90X, Power 90, Slim in 6, INSANITY and Shakeology. His blog is a vast, free resource allowing readers to tap into his genius fitness mind. It’s a motivational goldmine, and you’ll get some great opportunities to score freebies, prizes, and deals on Daikeler’s programs, too.

Three posts we like from Carl Daikeler:

42. Live Well 360


Live Well 360 is “reimagining the fitness bag,” with a specialty line of fitness bags designed for busy workout enthusiasts. The Live Well 360 Blog covers hot topics on fitness and health news, healthy comfort food recipes, and tips on changing your mindset.

Posts we like from Live Well 360:

45. Meals and Miles


Meghann, author of Meals and Miles, had a wake-up call upon getting on the scale at the doctor’s office a few years after college. It was then that she started slowly incorporating more healthy practices into her life—soon, she realized she was pretty passionate about health and fitness, and now she blogs her successes and failures at Meals and Miles. Although she reached her goal weight in 2008, she never stopped and continues to thrive on her new healthy habits.

Three posts we like from Meals and Miles:

46. Meals and Moves


Janetha is a 30-year-old health and fitness fanatic who loves weight training, loves cooking and inventing new recipes, and hates running but does it anyway. Janetha started blogging back in 2008 and Meals and Moves was born just one year later, in 2009.

Three posts we like from Meals and Moves:

47. Medicinal Nutrition


Jennifer Leigh takes a holistic approach to nutrition and healthy living. Her goal is to help women balance their “glow, flow and hormones with food.” Medicinal Nutrition was born in 2009 after Jennifer’s personal struggles with hypo-thyroid, which caused a variety of unpleasant bodily effects. After discovering the healing power of food, Jennifer never looked back and now dedicates her blog to educating others on the medicinal power of food.

Three posts we like from Medicinal Nutrition:

48. MindFitMove (Mindful Fitness Movement)


Samuel Gentoku McCree, a Mindfulness Based personal trainer and life coach whose philosophy is “based on the understanding that awareness alone is the most powerful catalyst for change.” McCree believes that diets work because they make pay attention to our habits—but they focus on rules instead of awareness. That’s where MindFitMove comes in, aiming to shift your consciousness to create a healthier, fitter you.

Two posts we like from MindFitMove:

49. The Nutritionist Reviews


Amanda Hernandez is a Registered Dietician with a Master’s degree in Dietetics who blogs at The Nutritionist Reviews, providing an expert perspective on all things food and nutrition. You’ll also find fashion tips and trends, personal anecdotes and more.

Three posts we like from The Nutritionist Reviews:

50. Prevention RD


If you’re not an expert in the field of nutrition, making sense of the latest fads, research, good-for-you-turned-bad foods and the many diets and dietary advice that float around the web every day. Registered Dietician Nicole aims to take all the confusion out of eating healthy, with real tips and practical advice for a “practical, straightforward and maintainable approach to a healthy lifestyle.”

Three posts we like from Prevention RD:


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