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What Causes Sinusitis?

A Definition of Sinusitis Sinusitis occurs when your sinuses (those hollow air spaces within the bones surrounding your nose) become inflamed. Sinuses produce mucus, which drains into the nose, but if your nose is swollen, the sinuses become blocked, which causes pain. There are several types of sinusitis: acute, subacute, chronic, and recurrent. Acute sinusitis, which […]

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Stress Management Tips: 50 Expert Techniques and Strategies for Coping with and Preventing Stress

Effective stress management is a challenge for many adults, whether you’re a busy professional juggling meetings and clients, trying to find the balance between work and family, or a parent who manages your household on a day-to-day basis and coordinates your children’s activity schedules, PTO meetings, and volunteer projects, it seems no one is exempt […]

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