Your body’s best defense is your own immune system.

Probiotics vs Antibiotics: Learn about the Differences, See How Taking Probiotics Counteracts Antibiotic Side Effects

What’s the Difference Between Probiotics vs Antibiotics? The Answer is in Your “Gut” The bacteria in your body are estimated to outnumber your own cells by 10-to-1. It’s a crazy thought. In terms of overall numbers, you are more bacteria than “you”. That’s because your body is an ecosystem. When everything works correctly, your cells […]

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Hepatitis C Treatment: Can Probiotics Help in the Battle with Hep C?

Probiotics are one of the latest nutritional trends – but can these friendly bacteria offer the body immune support in its battle with Hepatitis C? Health science has established that the intestinal tracts is the real home of the immune system as well as barometer for good health. Under the best of conditions, the large […]

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